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I am so excited, it is sooo cool, just like my mini brothe ,incredible craft. Besides guitar, I also love saxophone.

female fans custom made dolls  Product ID: FG30782
Select this sample bobble head body and allow us to hand sculpt the head to resemble the photograph that you provide to us.
Ordering as easy as 1,2,3
To order this sample body and add your "bobbling" head, simply:
     1.  Provide Hair, Eye and Skin Complexion colors ; select different options
     2.  Upload photo files now or later and send them by email or standard mail
     3.  Add to cart ; Follow the process through checkout ; Order complete
Do you know that our bobble is simply different from other providers because we sculpt with the finished product ! Most bobblehead providers use poly resin clay and then they bake and mold the dolls - apply paint and the doll is yours... We uses Polymer Clay - the color is the clay so the final product is actually brighter, true 3D likeness and higher quality.
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  • Female - red evening dress
  • Women with pets
  • Female - came home from shopping
  • Female - loving gestures
  • Casual female
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  • custom minifigures hot girl sitting on a big high-heeled shoe
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  • custom long-haired woman in camisole and skinny pant bobbleheads
  • Select Options & Upload Photos
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Complexion
  • Doll Size
  • Add-ons
  • Upload the logo (≤2M)
  • Add Text on the Base

  • Background can be a motorcycle, a car, a boat, any frame you can imagine.
  • Image Files (If upload pictures larger than 2MB, please skip this step and send
     the photos to .)
  • Front Photo:
  • Side Photo:
  • Optional Photo:
  • Special instructions & Comments
  • The description of any logos, hats, tattoos, writing on the clothing, jewelry or anything else you want on the doll.
    Its all included in the price (additional charges may apply for added sculpted items like dogs, chairs, etc)
  • Name Your Design:
  • Account Setup:
  • Email address:
  • Password:
Additional Information

What is Proofing?We proudly offer FREE approvals in the different stages during the creation of your hand sculpted bobblehead doll. Changes can be made like making the nose wider or lips thinner - this means a great deal when sculpting your doll to ensure satisfaction.

Why do I want Proofing?Proofing works two ways - we found that asking the client to approve each proof assists in better provided products with amazing results. Second, we retain clients and referrals from our products, we only succeed if we can ensure that ours dolls are received better then expected. By doing so, we ensure the continued success of referrals and reorders.

What type of proofs do I see? During the process, we show head proofs, body proofs (if full custom is utilized) and color proofs. Each step can be approved or modified, if a change is requested, we will amend the doll and provide a new proof - if it is approved we will bake that step and move towards another proof. As approvals are received, we bake and process your dolls, we can not move backwards.

Premade dolls vary in size (approx. 6" - 7.5" inches) - unless specified differently.

Important About Image upload

The First primary photo is used for the sculpting only.

  • 1. Please limit the size of photos uploaded to less than 1 MB.
  • 2. If our system fails, simply check the upload photos later and continue the checkout, once complete you can email the photos with your order number.

EX. If you want the person to smile, the photo must dipict them smiling. Once we present the sculpt of the person from the primary photo, we will not accept additional photos to make changes. We will make amendments within the scope of the primary photo only. Requesting a new photo after the sculpt will result in additional charge (resculpting is necessary)

Duplicate Quantity Price Discount
3 - 5 $71.96
6 - 10 $62.97
11 - 24 $44.98
25+ $40.48